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I was told by my friends to sell privately and save the money. I felt that I get paid for my work so if Jeff can get me my price or better, he deserves to get paid too.

It was a pleasure dealing with you Jeff, not only did you sell my home, but for much more than I thought!

Tony Gale


I was just talking to a friend who just bought a condo that you had a VT (tour) for and I am impressed. Loved the tour, you always were at the top of your game!

Btw, I wanted to thank you again, you sold my house so fast (in 11 hours.) I was still in shock for a month! Thank you again Jeff, my hat goes off to you, and good luck on your pursuit for challenge!

Best Wishes,

Mike & Nikki Atkinson


Steve and I want to thank you for helping us sell our house. You have been patient with me through out the whole time. You were professional and explained to us about the house selling process. You answered all the questions that I had and you were upfront and honest with me. I remembered talking on the phone with you for an hour @ 11:00 p.m. on how the market works and what would be the best strategy to sell our house. I never realized how much you sacrificed to sell our house. You make it look so easy and painless but I have a whole new appreciation for you. Thank you for going out of your way to help us sell our house and Steve and I can't thank you enough!

Steve & Grace


Randy and I wanted to extend to you; our most heartfelt thanks for helping us sell our home.

As we were considering making a move, we had originally thought we would sell our house privately. After all, that is how we purchased our home almost 18 years ago. However, with our lives as busy as they have been lately, we were not sure this might be the best option for us.

When we decided to sell using an agent, we called in two different agents to give us our home evaluation. We liked your approach to selling our home best. Your suggestions of things we should do for the showings were invaluable. You had many visits lined up, to make the least possible disruption to our lives Moreover, at the end of one day of showings. and several offers later, our home sold. for much higher than the asking price! We could not be happier.

Thank you for making this a much easier process to bear.

Our best regards.

-Debbie and Randy


Jeff Stern acted on my behalf in the recent sale of my house. I found him honest and hard working. Whatever Jeff said he would do he did and then some.

There was a difference between the square footage of my house that Jeff had measured and the square footage that the bank appraiser used for his appraisal. The difference was enough that the buyer would not have qualified for a mortgage and the sale could have fallen through. Jeff went to bat for me and proved that his measuring techniques were in fact correct. Because of this Bank appraisers have now adopted Jeff's way of measuring and appraising square footage of homes.

I would not hesitate to use Jeff for any future transactions and highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a competent agent.


Mike Eggett


I am writing to thank-you for your recent assistance in helping us to avert a potentially disastrous real estate transaction.

A member of my family had entered into a private transaction to purchase his first piece of real estate. The transaction was entered into without the assistance of professional real estate agents or lawyers and appeared to be very one sided to the buyers disadvantage. Not knowing where to turn for advice, I called you because of my past experience with you in the purchase of my current home. I felt that because of your strong understanding of real estate matters, you might be able to help our family member avoid a catastrophe.

In addition to wise council and advice you provided us with valuable background history of both the property and the seller. In the end your knowledge and experience as well as your professional referral contacts put us in a position whereby we were able to transact with knowledge, confidence and most importantly awareness of potential risks involved. I should add that you did all of this without charge or fees. Thanks to you, we were able to avoid what very nearly became a costly and expensive mistake.

The lesson that we learned from the very close call was that for major transactions like the purchase of real estate, it is always wise to deal with a reputable, professional real estate professional such as you.

My family and I are grateful to you for your assistance and would like to add our name as testimony of your integrity, real estate knowledge and professionalism.

Thank-you and god bless.


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